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About Us


QUIMIAL – Química del Alumínio, is an experienced chemical company with decades-long know-how. Our main concern is the satisfaction of our customers in meeting the requirements of the market, having for this purpose developed systems of high quality standards, safe, that respect the labor and environmental safety standards, with the lowest possible global cost to provide solutions to the Hygiene and Chemical Technology needs of the institutional and industrial market.



We provide all our customers with high quality products through our high technology manufacturing processes, adopting in all our businesses ethical values that guide responsible and sustainable business conduct. Complying with the respective ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Certificate, the ISO-14001: 2004 Environmental certification and the Occupational Safety and Health certification OHSAS 18001.



We present global and customized solutions to the customer, making ours the needs of our clients. Values such as flexibility, specialization, customization, effectiveness and innovation have become fundamental concepts and are the strengths in the administration of QUIMIAL.