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Business Area

Degreasing Interfaces for Metallurgical and Galvanic

Spray / immersion / chemical / electrolytic degreasing

Ultrasonic degreasing

Degreasing by solvents


Aluminum Lacquering

Aluminum coating by immersion – Qualicoat / Qualimarine / seaside

Spray aluminum spray / waterfall – Qualicoat / Qualimarine / seaside


Aluminum Anodizing

Aluminum anodizing – Qualanod


Phosphating for Multi-Metals, Galvanized Iron, Aluminum and Others

Phosphating and degreasing by Steam Jet (Jet Machines)

Phosphating and degreasing by immersion (One-component)

Degreasing and nanotechnological phosphating by spraying / immersion (single component) for galvanized iron

Manganese phosphating by immersion

Degreasing and microcrystalline phosphating by spraying and dipping for galvanized iron

Degreasing and nanotechnological phosphating by dipping / spraying

Degreasing and microcrystalline phosphating by dip / spray for galvanized iron



Plaforization / phosphating by immersion / spraying – wash-free

(Alternative Process to Cold Trichlorethylene Perchlorethylene)


Tunnel descaling and Maintenance

Scaling for spray phosphate tunnels

Descaling for chromatography lines and immersion phosphating


Pickling and Electropolishing for Stainless Steel


Black Oxidation – Hot / Cold

Hot black oxidation to iron

Cold black oxidation to iron

French black oxidation for brass


Paint Strippers

Paint Strippers with Methylene Chloride

Solvent-based paint remover

Paint Strippers Free of Methylene Chloride

Paint Strippers in Gel


Industrial Oils – Cutting, Machining and Passivation Oils

High corrosion protection treatment by cold dipping

High corrosion protection treatment by hot spray

Aqueous / soluble inhibitors


Industrial water treatment and stone industry

Because Quimial is a company that strives to provide its customers with more and more integrated and personalized solutions and because we make your needs our own, we have now developed a new industrial effluent treatment service “CHAVE NA MÃO“, thus ensuring all the monitoring assembly process, with regard to the necessary assistance for assembly and also the manufacture of equipment tailored to your needs, namely:

  • Industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Final filtration systems
  • Dosing pumps
  • Press Filters
  • Deposit for all Chemical applications
  • Decanters
  • Dosing tanks
  • Chemical dosing systems
  • Polymer powder dosers
  • Lime powder dispensers
  • Agitators
  • Automatic Coagulant Dosers
  • Pumping Plants
  • Dilution Panels
  • Chemical filter bags (pre-treatments)
  • Filter bags manufactured to customer’s needs and requirements for chemicals
  • Cartridges of various sizes and micrage for domestic waters / industrial and chemical waters
  • Filter discs of various sizes or with carbon impregnating


Equipment / accessories

  • Filtration Pumps Made to Our Client’s Needs
  • Masks for Powder and Liquid Paintings with Compressor Ventilation
  • Tapes / masks / tampons for lacquering and high temperature liquid paints