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Aluminum Lacquering

Our products comply with all the requirements of the respective QUALICOAT directives.


Conversion Treatments Excluded from Aluminum Chromium

Treatments that provide the same or higher quality than the processes with chromium, using products with a chromium free formulation.

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Conversion Treatments for Chromium III for Aluminum

Treatments that present the highest quality in the pre-treatment of aluminum, combining robustness and ease of application. They transform the aluminum surface into a layer of chromium III compounds which, together with the lacquer, generate the highest performance of corrosion and mechanical resistance.

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Aluminum Deoxidation-neutralization

Additives to the bath that ensures a homogenous attack and a higher yield, without problems of incrustation, in those applications where sodium hydroxide is used directly in the process of saturation.

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Degreasers, deoxidation and pickling for aluminum with passivation

Degreasing, deoxidant and monocomponent passivation with high yield in degreasing and deoxidation of aluminum. With a very long duravility without denaficar the treatment on the treated surface of the aluminum in order to ensure the maximum quality of pretreatment and the homogeneity of the other operations.

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Alkali and Aluminum Acid Degreasers

Degreasers and additives for the elimination of oils and fats present on the treated surface of aluminum, in order to ensure the highest quality of pretreatment and the homogeneity of the remaining operations.

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