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Anodizing Aluminum

Our products meet all the requirements of the respective QUALANOD directives.


Aditivos Para Selar de Alumínio a Quente y Frío

Specific additives for each sealing system and adapted for an improved step performance.

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Organic Dyes for Aluminum

Range of organic colors that provide a wide variety of shades for finishing the treated surface.

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Multicolor for Aluminum

Products and additives for the interference color system, capable of generating a wide range of colors in the same bath.

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Electrolytic Stain for Aluminum

Inorganic colors of high weather resistance to electrolytically color the anodized aluminum thus allowing a higher value added finish.

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Additives for Aluminum Anodizing

Additives developed to improve some process property and, therefore, optimize the yield of this step.

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Desmutting – Desoxidación para Aluminio

Products for the neutralization after the alkaline satin stage, also eliminating the possible metal oxide residues (smut).

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Satin and Aluminum Additives

Complete products and additives for caustic soda that act on the aluminum, achieving a homogeneous surface, while deoxidizing the surface of the metal and eliminating small deformations.

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Chemistry for Aluminum

Products that provide a shiny and more attractive finish to the metal surface.

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Alkaline and Acid Degreasing for Aluminum with and without Attack

Range of degreasers and additives for the cleaning of the treated surface, which ensures the obtaining of an anodic cover as homogeneous as possible.

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