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Paint Strippers

Paint strippers free of methylene chlorides.
Epoxy, Polyester, Cataphoresis, Liquid, PVDF.


Paint Strippers with Methylene Chloride

Cold paint stripper by immersion (Iron and Aluminum).


Specially formulated for the elimination of polyester paint on chromatized aluminum.

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Decapantes de Tintas Isento de Cloreto de Metileno

Paint stripper by immersion, spray and ultrasound.


Free from methylene chloride and phenols.


Formulated for the elimination of all types of paints (epoxides, polyester, cataphoresis, etc.) on Aluminum Iron Brass Plastic etc.

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Gel Paint Strippers

Paint stripper on gel applied to brush.


Formulated for the elimination of all type of paintings (epoxides, polyester, etc.) on all type of materials.

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Disincrustation and Cleaning of Painting Facilities

Wide range of descaling and auxiliary products for the preventive maintenance of phosphating installations.

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Flocculants of Paints

Coagulants and flocculants for liquid paint lines, specific to each type of installation and painting, used to separate the paint residue from the water used in the curtains, in order to keep the installation completely clean and free of paint residue.

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