Degreasing Interfaces for Metallurgical and Galvanic

Alkaline, acidic, neutral degreasing, with and without passivation.


Chemical Immersion and Spray Degreasers

Specific alkaline degreasers for all types of metal surfaces and finishes, for those processes where the highest cleaning efficiency of the treated parts is required.

Electrolytic Degreasers

Range of products formulated to provide a high conductivity required in the electrolytic degreasing steps, as well as a high detergent power which ensures a perfect cleaning of the metal surface.

Degreasers with Inhibitory Power

Degreasers with corrosion inhibitors for applications not only high cleaning power, but also temporary protection against corrosion. For correct use, the parts should not be rinsed after treatment.

Corrosion Inhibitors

Range of products developed to enhance the temporary protection against oxidation, without the need to include degreasing power.

Solvent-based Degreasers

Solvent-based products for all those processes which, either by the type of soiling of the parts or by any particular problem, can not be used with aqueous degreasing technology.

Antioxidant Protective Oils

Products based on oils or soaps that, thanks to their inhibitory and water repellent properties, are indicated to provide the highest temporal protection against corrosion.

Deoxidizing and De-scaling

Wide range of acid products developed to perform maintenance functions in the installation, or to be used directly in deoxidation baths.

Degreasing Additives, Inhibitors of Attack and Others

Additives to be used in multiple industrial processes that potentiate different properties: degreasing power, inhibiting power to the attack on the base metal, foam control, etc.

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