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Stripping and Electropolishing for Stainless Steel

Products for treatments of technical gauges and zinc plating.


Chemical Degreasers by Immersion, Aspersion

Specific alkaline degreasers for all types of metal surfaces and finishes, for those processes where the highest cleaning efficiency of the treated parts is required.

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Electrolytic Degreasers

Range of products formulated to provide a high conductivity required in the electrolytic degreasing steps, as well as a high detergent power which ensures a perfect cleaning of the metal surface.

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Degreasing by ultrasound

Degreasing that at low concentrations of work favors the cavitation generated by the equipment, ensuring a complete cleaning of the most inaccessible areas of the treated parts

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Degreasing by Solvents

Solvent-based products for all those processes which, either by the type of soiling of the parts or by some concrete problem, can not be used with aqueous degreasing technology.

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Degreasing Additives and Inhibitors of Attack

Additives to be used in multiple industrial processes that enhance different properties: degreasing power, inhibiting power to attack on base metal.

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Deoxidation – Pickling

Products for the elimination of any type of inorganic residue (oxides, incrustations …) present in the metallic surfaces, respecting the base metal.

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Rinse-off for Zinc Baths (Acid and Alkaline)

Additives for the electroplating galvanized baths that provide the galvanized parts with an attractive and characteristic brightness, much appreciated in the galvanizing lines.

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Passivators for Yellow, Blue or Black Zinc Plated Parts

Range of products developed to give an attractive color to the finished parts, while increasing the corrosion resistance of the zinc coating. Used as a final step, they complement the zinc coating process.

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Nickel-plating baths and chrome plating

Range of products developed to give an attractive color to the finished parts, while increasing the corrosion resistance of the nickel and chromium coating.

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Pavonação (Black Oxides for Iron and Stainless)

Pavement products that allow a uniform and colored finish of the metal, also providing a good corrosion protection of the treated steel.

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Antioxidant Protective Oils for Oxidation

Range of oils with inhibitory properties, especially indicated to provide the highest temporal protection against corrosion.

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