QUIMIAL – QUÍMICA DEL ALUMINIO – is taking part in various technical R&D investigations on high corrosion resistance with MEDCO laboratories, which consist of accelerated cyclic electrochemical techniques, and is succeeding in speeding up the process of the 1,000 hour acetic salt fog chamber required by QUALICOAT.

PD tests (polarisation disbonding)

All these tests enable us to determine in short periods of time (approximately one week) the performance of the material when subjected to aggressive ion solution tests, with the aim of obtaining results that may be comparable to the acetic salt fog chamber tests.

During all these test procedures, the samples are immersed in a solution containing aggressive ions and a potential is applied with the aid of equipment (potentiostat – Gavanostat) with the functionality of promoting surface cathodic reactions. These reactions have the effect of degrading the coating of the treated parts by a mechanism known as deliminazation.

In this way, we can guarantee that our chromic and non-chromic pre-treatment products achieve 1,000 h and even 2,000 h to 2,500 h of resistance.

QUIMIAL – QUÍMICA DEL ALUMINIO has a large technical team and an industrial laboratory capable of carrying out studies (analyses) in the treatment of any type of material treated with our products. Our experience and knowledge derives from proven results in the markets of Spain, Portugal, France, Algeria, Morocco, Cuba, Brazil, Angola, etc.

It allows us to direct our solutions towards improving our customers’ profitability and obtaining the highest levels of quality, covering all applications thanks to our high degree of adaptation to the different treatments and processes present in the aluminium, phosphating and electroplating industry, as well as technical improvements prior to the manufacture of the lines.